Posh Exotics Rental Policy

The following information from Posh Exotics involves company guidelines and rental policies for our Florida locations. If you have questions or concerns about our rental policy, please consult with a customer service representative online or via phone.

Age Requirements

To rent from Posh Exotics, the individual renting and operating the vehicle must be a minimum of 25 years old. The renter must also possess a clean driving history, no DUI convictions, no major moving violations, and no serious traffic infractions. Any negative information on their driving history will result in a denial of service.

Insurance Requirements

Posh Exotics has strict insurance requirements for all rentals. A driver must have an auto insurance policy that contains full coverage and is in good standing. Posh Exotics will verify insurance coverage with the insurance carrier and ensure that coverage is acceptable for the vehicle/vessel rented.

International Renters

International renters are welcome at Posh Exotics; however, a valid passport is required, along with a local driver’s license from the renter’s native country. Our company can provide insurance coverage that meets the requirements of our business and the state starting at a minimum time period of 48 hours.

International renters may require a higher damage deposit due to liability.

Booking Deposit

Posh Exotics requires a booking deposit on all rentals. Our booking deposit is 10% based directly on the vehicle/vessel being rented and the value of that rental for the period in question. It is charged immediately at the point of reservation. Driver history and insurance policy information may also be reflected in the deposit total.

Deposits can be made via cash or credit card. We proudly accept all major credit cards. If you wish to pay your deposit via check or cashier’s check, it must be submitted seven days prior to the pick-up date. Cash retainers will be refunded when the rental property is returned.

Cancellation Policy

After renting with Posh Exotics, the vessel or vehicle rented is no longer available to other clients. Therefore, we enforce a strict cancellation policy to ensure that last-minute cancellations do not leave our company or clients without access to rentals.

Cancellations must be made not less than 36 hours before the pick-up time for a full refund. After the 36 hour point a total of 50% will be charged and will not be refundable (your initial 10% booking deposit plus an additional 40%). The remaining 50% is due upon taking possession of your rental.

Damage Deposit

A refundable damage deposit is also assessed upon taking possession of the vehicle. Our deposits range from $500 to $1,000. This deposit will be refunded assuming your vehicle is returned in its original condition. If any damage is present at the time of the rental surrender, the cost of damage repair is deducted from the damage deposit.