At Posh Exotics, we want you to dream the life and live the dream. We also want you to dress the part. This is why we’ve expanded our offerings beyond rental cars, yachts, and apartments, and into apparel and goods, as well.

Miami is a glamorous place. You don’t have to look far to see it. Beauty abides on every street corner and there’s a sense of opulence and wealth in the air. If it’s always been your dream to participate in the Miami lifestyle, our shop is here to help. Regardless of whether you’re looking for apparel, souvenirs, or other goods, we have something to offer you to commemorate your Posh Exotics luxury car experience.

A Lifestyle of Luxury

We’ve all seen it and we all want it: a lifestyle of luxury. At Posh Exotics, we deal in luxury, and our primary goal is to help you create more of it in your daily life. From world-class apparel to elegant, beautiful, and unique keepsakes, we’re here to help you deal in luxury daily.

You see: luxury is more than just a feel. It’s a state of being that permeates everything when you’re living right. From your car to your home to your career, luxury is the foundation of it all, and Posh Exotics is your partner in that.

Showcase Your Need for Speed

The luxury car community in Miami is an elite one, and Posh Exotics has the apparel and materials you need to showcase your love for luxury cars as you cruise through the Miami streets. After all, you don’t want that Porsche to outshine you, do you? If you’re already all set for gear, our shop is also the perfect place to find a gift for your favorite speed-loving friend, or car-enthusiast father in law.

Today, it’s time to celebrate your love for luxury cars – from the streets to your next meeting and everywhere in-between. Posh Exotics has the goods and apparel you need to bring your love of luxury automobiles into the everyday.